Sunday, April 4, 2010

Talking Point 7

There was very little information online discussing the ‘gender and education’ topic currently at hand. After about an hour of research, I had come across about three different issues concerning ‘gender and education’ in today’s society:

Stereotyping Genders:
To stereotype, is to categorize. What seems to be the issue here is that people tend to categorize what a female or male should/should not do. Stereotyping can deeply affect the life of a child. It can make them feel inferior to the other gender, thinking that they can’t do something because of their sex.

Here is a great example of stereotyping genders…

Female Domination:
An issue that popped up during the process of my research, which was kind of surprising, was that females are becoming more successful in school than males. People are questioning why this is, and many ideas have popped up. The video below discusses the many reasons why and what we should do about it…

Gender Equality:
Mostly I found articles about gender equality taking place in higher education. Looking at the enrollments and types of degrees students were awarded, men and women seem to be at equal levels. One issue that exits as of now is that Hispanic women seem to be more dominant in those particular areas than men.

- These two articles talk about the gender gaps stabilizing… Article 1 and Article 2

- This article talks about the ‘boy crisis’…

After finding information about women “outpacing” men and then gender gaps stabilizing, I feel confused about what’s really going on. People have their opinions and that’s exactly what I got, a variety of opinions and little data to go by.