Monday, March 22, 2010

Random Blog 1: Charity vs. Change

I liked the way our group described the differences of charity and change; using Ms. Bogad's terms. We described it basically as the ‘band-aid solution’ (charity) and the ‘permanent solution’ (change). I believe that the terms can be very similar or distinct, depending on the situation at hand. The class described it in a very broad/general sense. Chairty is basically giving back to your community. Change uses the acts of looking at a problem and finding creative ways to solve it, resulting in a long term effect on the community. Although they both have very distinct defintions, I believe that they can relate and that charity can turn into change. Because of this, it is difficult to organize many thoughts on the two terms. Overall, I belive that the comparison between the two has to pertain to the actual impact the situation or individual(s) got as a result of the service.

Here is what our group had in our Ven-Diagram:::

Charity: giving money/ donation, band-aid solution, materialistic, short term, and it doesn’t change the pattern of the government, it changes the individual
Change: providing education, permanent solutions, intangible, long term, and usually change is in political, economic, or social patterns on a broader scale - just doing as much as you can to make a difference
Similarities: involve pity and fixing

Here is a video called "Disney’s Friends For Change":

This video is promoting both change and charity. Change is brought about by each individual doing something small, and when they join together the change happens. The charity part is the money that is going to be used to fund projects that will hopefully help the planet in the future. As they say: “Everything counts…. Every action creates a chain reaction…”

This website shows a little more about how charity can make a difference, whether it be short or long term…