Sunday, March 7, 2010

Talking Point 4

In Unlearning the Myths That Bind Us by Linda Christensen, she talks about how the media has affected the way we think and live. We are always learning, no matter what age, our mind continues to grow as our body does. And what surrounds us, is what influences our life and future decisions/opinions. Something that is constantly around us, everywhere we go, even in our own homes, is the media. It practically takes over our lives unknowingly. Because it is something that has always been around, we become use to it, forget it’s there, and our minds begin to get unconsciously taken over. Three quotes that I felt pointed out the main points of this article are:

1.) “…When we read children’s books, we aren’t just reading cute little stories, we are discovering the tools with which a young society is manipulated.” (126)
- Omar is right. We are introduced and brought up on the media starting at a very early age. The age of two is the time when we as human beings learn and absorb the most. It is also the time when we start to talk and bother our parents with “constantly trying to be happy.” Two is the stage at which our parents usually pop in a movie, such as Disney, so that we can shut up, keep quiet, and give them a break. And those movies that we watch show and give us an idea of how society is and ought to be.

2.) “No one wants to admit that they’ve been handled by the media. They assure me that they make their own choices and the media has no power over them – as they sit with Fubu, Nike, Timberlands or whatever the latest fashion rage might be.” (128)
- It is hard to say, or to admit, that your whole life was practically a set up. Everything you thought that made you unique and such an individual is probably what society has made up for you and your generation. So many questions begin to pop up about your own identity, like: Who am I? Is this who I want to be or who someone else wants me to be?

3.) “Through critiques and the discussions that follow, they are helping to transform each other – each comment or observation helps expose the engine of our society, and they’re both excited and dismayed by their discovery…. I want to develop their critical consciousness, but I also hope to move them to action.” (134)
- By reading this article Linda wants us to become conscious, or aware of, the different ways that the media has affected us. She hopes that our discoveries will help motivate us to do something about it, so that future generations will not be unconsciously abused by the media.

Here is a video showing how Disney has portrayed the roles of different types of people:

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